Boston Red Sox New Spring Training Home

The Boston Red Sox new spring training site is progressing toward completion. Say good-bye to City of Palms Park and hello to JetBlue Park.

JetBlue Park will have a capacity of approximately 11,000. That’s a hefty increase over City of Palms and it’s 7,290 seats. The complex will also have a rehabilitation center, six practice fields and offices for major and minor league operations

The old adage, if you build it, they will come most assuredly applies to JetBlue Park and Red Sox Nation. I know I will be there. Judging from the locked gate and guard shack, in addition to Red Sox diehards I met while taking these photos, there are many more curious fans besides myself who yearn for a closer look at the construction taking place. The pictures show the progress of construction from July 30, 2011 to August 14, 2011.

I wanted to share them with other Red Sox fans interested in the new spring training site of our beloved team. The Green Monster South is taking shape. I’m keeping an eye on the big club as they roll towards the playoffs, as well as JetBlue Park that will hopefully welcome the 2011 World Champions to a state of the art facility in 2012.

Get more information about four highly sought after Fort Myers Florida communities that are all located within minutes of JetBlue Park and offer outstanding amenities by clicking the links or click here to contact me. I’ll help you weigh the pro’s and con’s of each development.

The Plantation (Gated Golfing Community)

Renaissance (Luxury Gated Golfing Community)

Pelican Preserve (Gated Golfing Community)

Paseo (Award Winning Family Community)

Enjoy the photos taken July 30, 2011 and August 14, 2011!!

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