JetBlue Park Boston Red Sox 2012 Spring Training Home #2

JetBlue Park, the Boston Red Sox new spring training home in Fort Myers,  Florida is taking shape. The cement bowl frame appears to be near completion. The roof supports are up, at least on the third base side and a few sections of the roof are attached.

It won’t be long before 11,000 Boston Red Sox fans will be watching the 2012 edition of their team in a brand spanking new state of the art facility. The complex will also house a rehabilitation center, six practice fields and offices for major and minor league operations.

While Red Sox Nation is more concerned with the old Boston team making their run at the playoffs, work on the new spring training home continues. It is hard to believe they entered September with a nine game lead over the Tampa Bay Rays.  We may have to depend on the NY Yankees to help us out. The Yankees and Rays will battle in seven of the last ten games of the regular season. How difficult will it be for a Boston fan to root for the New York Yankees?

In any event, I wanted to share these photos with other Red Sox fans interested in the new spring training site of our beloved team. This blog and others will contain pictures of the construction progress of the park many of you will soon be sitting in. Construction is scheduled to finish in mid January. That’s just four months away

Just in case you are in the market for a second home, I’ve included links to four highly sought after Fort Myers, Florida communities that are all located within minutes of JetBlue Park and offer outstanding amenities. You can view photos and read about them on my website by clicking the links below or click here to contact me. I’ll help you weigh the pro’s and con’s of each development or answer any other questions you may have about Cape Coral or Fort Myers Fl. All have guarded entries, offer great rental opportunities and are about ten minutes away from the SW Florida Airport.

The Plantation (Gated Golfing Community)

Renaissance (Luxury Gated Golfing Community)

Pelican Preserve (Gated Golfing Community)

Paseo (Award Winning Family Community)

Enjoy the photos below taken September 11, 2011!  This is the second in a series of blogs on JetBlue Park. Click here to read blog #3 posted on 10/2/2011. You can also find it under “Recent Posts” over to the right or subscribe to be notified as soon as the newest blog is posted.

Click to enlarge photos.

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  1. good day. i love your blog JetBlue Park Boston Red Sox 2012 Spring Training Home #2 | Southwest Florida Real Estate News and will shurely do a link to on my site.

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