Cape Coral Florida’s First Net Zero Home For Sale Now

The time has come to make electric bills a thing of the past! Lee County’s first “Net Zero” house is now under construction by an experienced builder in Cape Coral Florida! It should be finished at the start of 2012 when it will be used as a model.  The homes can be built anywhere in the Southwest Florida area including all of Cape Coral and Fort Myers Fl.

What is a Net Zero home? A Net Zero home is one built with conventional materials, the latest energy-efficient appliances, lights, air conditioner/heater, insulation, solar materials and a touch of proprietary scientific information.  With normal electricity usage the builders project this home will break even at the end of the year on electric costs. Is there a better place than the sunshine state of Florida to build a net zero home and leverage solar energy to its fullest?

That has to be exciting news for potential new home owners, snowbirds and investors alike. Who wouldn’t want to eliminate a monthly electric bill? Investors won’t have to worry about renters eating into their rental profits by running up exorbitant energy bills. In fact, when the home is vacant Lee County Electric (LCEC) will still be paying for the excess energy generated by the solar panels! Snowbirds will have one less bill to worry about, may receive a yearly check from LCEC and full-time owners can expect to break even.

The advantage to resale value is obvious. All things being equal which home would you buy in five years? How about 10 or 20 years? The energy hog or the Net Zero house? If home cooling or energy costs skyrocket in the future, the Net Zero home owner will be an even bigger beneficiary. If you’re convinced enough to contact me for more information click here. If not, read on.

Using conventional building materials holds the cost down.  The price of the home does not include the cost of the lot. A house with 1500 sq ft under air can be built for $179,900. You can purchase a home with 4200 sq ft under air for $499,999. There are several models and floor plans of varying size to choose from. Floor plans can be easily modified for most changes at no additional cost. If you own a lot, there is a floor plan available for you. If you don’t own land, Cape Coral has a large selection to choose from. The price varies according to type. Green lots that back up to another property are the lowest priced, fresh water canals, lake front, salt water canals with a bridge and salt water without a bridge are available. The prime waterfront lots on the spreader are selling again in Cape Coral, Fl. Many that have been on the market for quite some time have sold or went pending in the last 2-3 months at prices from $190,000 to over $300,000.

How is the Cape Coral Florida housing market doing? Read about the new home building permits issued in Cape Coral Fl through October 2011  by clicking here. Millions are reportedly waiting for the right time to buy a home and now just might be that time. You can read the entire article here. 

Individuals getting in at the beginning of the Net Zero building phase will do so at the best price and with mortgage interest rates for financing at near record lows, the timing couldn’t be better. I would be happy to provide you with more information.  Contact me by clicking here.

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