JetBlue Park Boston Red Sox Spring Training Home 2012 #7

This is my seventh blog on JetBlue Park, the brand new spring training site of the Boston Red Sox. My intent is to continue the reports and pictures until the finishing touches have been applied to the facility. You can expect updates every 3 weeks or so as my schedule allows. Do you have any suggestions on what would improve the blog for you? You are welcome to post your thoughts in the comment section as long as you keep them G rated and respectful.

Construction on this facility is almost completed. JetBlue Park is scheduled to be finished by the middle of January, only two short weeks away. The progress is evident in the most recent pictures. The turf is down, although I can’t get close enough to get a good photo. There are still mounds of dirt to be moved, some painting to be competed and some fencing to be installed. I included a photo of the practice field and a couple of panoramic views to give you an idea how large this site is.  The progress since my first photos were posted in August is amazing. Kudos to the developer! I hope you enjoy the photos!

The big question is what the heck is taking the Sox so long to put the roster together? Certainly Ben Cherington has made two good trades for Melancon and Bailey. The players he gave up were not top prospects and didn’t figure heavily in the Sox plans. Adding either Bard or Aceves to the bullpen would make it a strength in 2012. If both go to the pen, it would be the strongest reliever core in recent memory. All it would take is the loosening of the purse strings to add two respectable starting pitchers. Will the Sox finish adding players before JetBlue Park is finished?

They must be waiting for the prices to drop for free agents or trades. They can’t be serious about Bard, Aceves, Doubront and Miller filling 40% of the rotation. Can they?

The Red Sox have released their 2012 Spring Training Schedule. I know many of you are waiting for it. Click the link below or copy and paste it into your address bar:

Spring training starts in about six weeks. The Sox have announced that ticket prices will remain the same as last year. They will start at $5 for the reserved lawn area above the bullpen in right center and top out at $46 for the home plate dugout boxes. I’ll be there and hope you will be also!

Many of you have asked about the address of JetBlue Park, the new Red Sox Spring Training site. The location is 11581 Daniels Parkway, Fort Myers, FL 33913. The Complex is approximately two miles east of Interstate 75, Exit 131 and approximately six miles from Southwest Florida International Airport.

For those of you considering a second home, I’ve included links to four highly sought after Fort Myers, Florida communities that are located within minutes of JetBlue Park and offer outstanding amenities. You can view photos and read about them on my website by clicking the links below or please don’t hesitate to contact me by clicking here. I will help you weigh the pro’s and con’s of each development, discuss resale properties in each community or answer any real estate questions you may have. All of the developments below are rich in amenities, have guarded entries, offer great rental opportunities and are about ten minutes away from the SW Florida Airport.

The Plantation (Gated Golfing Community)

Renaissance (Luxury Gated Golfing Community)

Pelican Preserve (Gated Golfing Community)

Paseo (Award Winning Family Community)

Enjoy the photos below taken on New Years Day.

Click on the dates below for previous blogs and photos taken on the dates indicated December 9, 2011, November 10, 2011, October 19, 2011, September 29, 2011, September 11, 2011, August 14, 2011.

Click to enlarge photos and start the slide show.

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3 Responses to JetBlue Park Boston Red Sox Spring Training Home 2012 #7

  1. Jason says:

    Do you think there will be any bad views inside the park?

    • rsnnews01 says:

      The Park looks great from the outside! I haven’t been inside but I don’t think there will be a bad seat anywhere. Getting there and parking will be a big improvement.

  2. Jason says:

    What’s the view like from the lawn area?

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